Is is possible to have two applicants in Research Project applications?

No, we do not allow co-applicants. The applicant has to be the PI of the research project the grant is applied for.

Can the funding period be extended?

Yes, in case there is money left after the one year funding period, we approve the funding period to be extended given that the remaining funds are used on the same project they originally were applied for.

Does the Fellowship abroad also cover PhD programms?

No, we do not fund PhD programms abroad. Applicants for Fellowship Grants need to have received their PhD/MD from a swiss Institute.

What is the foundations scope?

We do fund everything that can be considered medical-biological research. This also includes basic science. We do not fund research that includes any Novartis products.

Does the foundation pay overheads?

No, we do not pay any overheads.

Can you give me any details on your decision?

No, we do not comment our decisions and cannot give you any insight on why we approved or rejected your application.