Novartis Stiftung fuer medizinisch-biologische Forschung


Foundation's purpose

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Foundation's purpose

The purpose of our Foundation is to foster medical-biological science by means of financial support for research projects conducted at Swiss universities in the field of medicine and medically oriented biology/biochemistry.

The Foundation also funds a limited number of research fellowships abroad (e.g. postdocs) for advancement of the scientific education of young researchers (PhD/MD).

Please note that our guidelines have changed:

-        To prevent possible conflicts of interest, our foundation cannot support projects with a Novartis drug as a research focus.

-        Research Fellowships: Please note that our foundation only supports one year of research fellowships abroad lasting at least two years, where the applicant also receives third party funding.

-        Resubmissions: It is possible to resubmit a significantly adapted version of a previously rejected application (please highlight changes to the application). It is not possible to submit an identical (previously rejected) application a second time.







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